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Merchant Accounts / Accepting Credit Cards

Uncomplicating the Process

merchant account

Obtaining a Merchant Account and accepting Credit Cards can be a complicated process. Because Quik Web Design does so many E-Commerce websites, we are well-versed in the Merchant Account Process and can get you accepting Credit Cards very quickly!!


Many people incorrectly believe that they must apply for a Merchant Account through their local bank. This is NOT TRUE! Many banks prey on this and have much higher rates than what you will find elsewhere.
You can apply for a Merchant Account through ANY company that brokers or supplies them… and you don’t ever have to change your banking account in any way!

The Merchant Account is basically a “license” that simply shows that you meet all of the requirements to accept credit cards online (ie.. satisfactory credit history, business banking account, etc…). The Merchant Account is directly connected through a Processing Gateway to the various credit card companies of your choice and also to your business banking account so that it can deposit the income from transactions there quickly.

In order to have the ability to conduct credit card transactions online, you MUST be approved and own an internet capable MERCHANT ACCOUNT. You will need to fill out an application form (Quik123  has these forms and can help you with this).

Quik Web Design is partnered with a national underwriting company to approve Merchant Accounts and get you set up with your online Processing Gateway quickly and easily.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a merchant account?

A merchant account is an agreement in which a merchant is able to accept credit cards and the acquirer (payment processor) directly deposits the funds into the merchant’s business checking account.

Why should you set up a merchant account?

  1. Accepting credit cards is convenient for your customers.
    Your customers can buy from you more efficiently and securely, which is critical in today’s marketplace.
  2. When you are able to accept credit cards, your company and website gain credibility.
    Buyers understand that getting a merchant account is not always easy and that you have to be a legitimate business to be able to accept credit cards. When you have a merchant account, you are telling your buyers that you have staying power. They will believe that you will be here tomorrow, and that you are not a “fly by night” company.
  3. Accepting credit card payments eliminates the risk of bad checks.
    When you accept a buyer’s credit card, you can be sure that you will know immediately if that card is good. When you take checks, you’re not guaranteed anything. By the time you deposit that check and it is routed to your customer’s bank, all the funds may be gone. They have the merchandise and you’re left with a bounced check to deal with.
  4. Studies have shown that accepting credit cards can increase sales and average tickets.
    Consumers will pay more and purchase more if they can use their credit cards instead of paying with cash or checks, studies show. With high credit limits offered today, people will buy more when they use credit cards.

Don’t I have to get a Merchant Account through my local bank?

Absolutely Not! You can get a merchant account through any merchant provider. Quik123 deals with the best merchant providers inthe business. You don’t even need to switch banks or make any other complicated changes. Once your merchant account is approved and the gateway is setup, all money gets deposited directly into your bank account… no matter where it is!

Where does money get Deposited? Dont’ I have to switch bank accounts?

Money gets deposited directly into your existing bank account. You don’t need to switch banks or make any other complicated changes. Once your merchant account is approved and the gateway is setup, all money gets deposited directly into your bank account… no matter where it is!

How long does it take to get a merchant account?

Final approval and setup usually takes only 48 hours. It’s easy! Call Quik123 and we can walk you through the quick and easy application process.

Because Quik123 does so many E-commerce websites, we get the best merchant account rates in the business!

What if I’m a new business; can I get a merchant account?

Yes, we support existing and new businesses merchant accounts.

What if my credit is not very good?

It is usually not a problem. We are not locked into just one processing bank, so we have several different banking relationships we can use to get you approved.

Do you have a solution for a low volume merchant?

Yes, contact our merchant account specialists for the details. We have large and small merchant accounts. Simply call us at 757-460-9000

Can I use one merchant account for several different businesses?

No. If you have more than one business, you will be required to have separate merchant accounts for each business.

If I have a friend who has a merchant account, can I use their account instead of getting my own?

No, this is against the Visa and MasterCard rules and regulations. Using another merchant account is called “factoring” or “laundering”.

General Information

Which credit cards will I be able to accept?

You can accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners, and JCB. Simply let Quik123 merchant know which card types you would like to accept.

How do I receive payment from credit cards?

Within approximately 48 hours, all funds are wire-transferred directly into your business checking account.

What type of bank account will I need?

We will deposit directly into the checking account of your choice. If you are registered in your state as anything other than a sole proprietor, we will need a business check. If you are registered in your state as a sole proprietor, a personal check can be used.

What is a Virtual Terminal?

A Virtual Terminal is a Web-based interface that allows you to key-enter transactions that are processed by phone or by mail. It also includes extensive reporting and functionality to help manage your transactions. Virtual terminals are handy becasue you can log into them from anywhere in the world and manually type in a credit card transaction for processing. A piece of cake!

Do you have long-term leases for equipment?

No. In fact, if you get an “online” mercahnt account (also called a “card not present” merchant account) you do not need any terminals. All transactions are taken online.
If you prefer to have a termianl so that you can swipe the credit cards, our goal is to provide you with top-notch service and credit card processing equipment. We provide you with credit card processing terminals at wholesale pricing so that you can spend your money on advertising and other investments that will help your company grow.

How will my company name appear on my customer’s credit bill?

Your “doing business as” name (DBA) will appear on your customer’s credit bill along with your business telephone number. There is space available for up to 25 characters on a customer’s bill.

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback happens when a customer calls their credit card issuer to dispute a charge. Please note: This is not a refund or a return. It is a disputed transaction.

What is PCI Compliance?

This set of criteria was put into place in 2004 by Visa and MasterCard to safeguard cardholder information. All Quik123 hosting servers are PCI complaint.

Is detailed reporting available?

Yes. You will receive a monthly paper statement showing detailed transaction information. Also, your gateway/virtual terminal provides daily, weekly, monthly, and annually reporting.

Can I integrate my financial software with this merchant account to make managing my business easier?

Yes. Our payment gateway is fully compatible with most financil software.

Payment Gateway

What is a Payment Gateway?

A gateway is a secure portal that connects to your shopping cart and transmits the credit card information to the payment processor for authorization and settlement. All Internet merchant accounts require a secure payment gateway to process transactions.

Do I have to use a gateway if I’m selling online?

Yes, everyone who sells online must use a gateway to send secure transactions to a processor.

How will I know how to set up my gateway?

After you are approved, a technical support staff person can walk you through the easy setup process. Easy-to-follow instructions will be provided to set up your own gateway.

Does your gateway offer recurring billing?

Yes. Our gateway includes recurring billing at no extra charge.

Does your payment gateway offer fraud protection to help avoid chargebacks?

We utilize AVS, CVV2, and IP Frequency Check to limit your exposure to fraudulent transactions.

Charges and Fees

Why do I have to pay in order to accept credit card payments from my customers?

Credit card issuers charge all merchant service providers the same rates for accepting the cards they offer. It covers their services of authorization, payment forwarding, and branding.

What setup fees do you charge for Internet transactions?

There are no setup fees, application, or annual fees. It will not cost you a penny to get started!

The Big Question! How do companies charge for merchant accounts and why do the fees vary so much among providers?

If you have been calling different providers, you already know that the merchant account industry can be complicated. It seems that everyone uses their own terminology and that there are a variety of fee structures. Here are some basics about how the industry works.

Each merchant account provider pays a fee to the card-issuing banks (such as VISA and MasterCard). This is called an interchange fee,” and it is set by Visa and MasterCard. You can think of it as a “wholesale fee” for being able to charge those types of card on your account. Since the credit card companies are taking on risk by allowing you to charge credit cards, this fee compensates the card-issuing banks for processing each transaction and is compensatiing them for their risk. Merchant account providers will in turn mark up this fee with a “Discount Rate“, charged to the merchant. While a merchant cannot negotiate the Interchange rate set by the credit card associations, they can negotiate the additional markup charged by the service provider.

More than 120 different interchange categories are set up by card associations, each related to the type of card issued by the issuing banks (i.e. travel and entertainment cards, rewards cards, corporate cards). Interchange categories also relate to the way the card is being used (i.e. swiped through a terminal, processed over the phone or over the Internet). Most merchant service providers will lump different card types into 3 defining categories with a markup. These categories are often referred to as, Qualified transactions, Mid-qualified transactions, and Non-qualified transactions. This way of pricing is called three-tier pricing.

There is also something called Interchange Plus pricing. In the past, this way of pricing was only given to very large merchants with very large volume. Today, this type of pricing can be given to any merchant who understands the different interchange categories or who is willing to learn. This pricing method is the most transparent and shows exactly what the card association fees are for each card type. It can translate to a big savings for merchants, especially for business-to-business merchants.

Customer Service

What if I need help with my terminal or gateway? Is there support?

Yes. You will have access to free customer service and support.

Why does Service matter?

Sure, price is important, but does it matter if you can’t speak with someone who will answer your questions or even take your call? Make sure you go with a provider who will answer the phone and can answer all of your questions. We’ve put together a list of questions you can ask when you compare merchant account providers.


Can I accept International Cards?

Yes, you can accept international cards but please be aware that there is a higher risk in taking these types of transactions. Since address verification is not available outside the US, cardholder information cannot be verified.

What if I don’t live in the United States?

To set up a merchant account in the United States, you need to have U.S. residence, social security number, and domestic bank account.