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Quik Web Design now has a highly skilled team of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Placement programmers.


Our Quik Web Design team can greatly improve your placement on the top search engines (Yahoo, MSN and many others).

In order to perform this, Quik Web Design needs to optimize your website for the internet world and search engine spiders.  This requires both detailed on-site optimization as well as off-site optimizations. We will review your website and request that you provide us with keywords that are appropriate to your site. We will also ask you for some competitors websites, so that we can perform a “relative analysis” of your current positioning and compare that positioning with the final results. Once we have all of the information that we need, we will perform the website analysis and also provide you with an estimate position that we feel that your website can possibly reach. This is our GUARANTEED POSITION for any agreement that is 6 months or greater. Proper website search engine optimization takes at least 90 days to complete to even begin to see beneficial results.

The fee for website analysis is $599.00.
This is a non-refundable charge.

After your website has been analyzed, it is your choice to choose a payment plan so that we can begin the critical work that needs performed to boost your positioning. During this period, Quik Web Design will contiuously work on your site to maintain it in the highest possible search engine positions. For any contract terms of 3 months or more, we guarantee our positioning (see below).


If satisfactory results (as outlined in our signed agreement and based on our initial analysis of your website) are not achieved over a period of approximately 6 months, you will be entitled to receive 100% cash refund from Quik Web Design for  50% of the 6 months period OR you can extend the agreed contract time frame by an additional 3 months.

NOTE: Higher placement on search engines normally takes at least 90 days to begin to see optimal results. If you choose the 1 or 3 Month Plan, there is no guarantee as to what placement you will receive. All other plans are guaranteed.

In Summary:

SEO and Positioning Summary:
Search Engine Optimization$599.00 NRC
1 Month Contract$799.00/mo
3 Month Contract$749.00/mo
6 Month Contract$699.00/mo
9 Month Contract$649.00/mo
12 Month Contract$599.00/mo
Business Exclusivity (12 mo)**$500.00 NRC


In order to ensure that Quik Web Design is “exclusive” towards your business (i.e.. we will not provide services for any other client in your occupational field of business), for a term of 12 months, there is an optional additional charge of $500

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