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BEWARE! There are a large number of SCAMS on the internet.  Most of them come to your email box and are in the form of a phishing attempt.


the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

There are a huge number of these SCAMS so this page is only going to touch on a few basic concepts.


SCAMMERS attempt a variety of methods and tactics to get you to do something that they want. Please review the list below of some common SCAMS that people receive and see if it matches closely to something that you may have received.  If it does, then it most likely is a SCAM.


You receive an email that claims to be from your internet or hosting provider (or email provider) that says your email quota is full and you must click on the link to fix it.

You get a vague email that indicates that your credit card has been (or will be) charged for some subscription service (usually to either Amazon or Apple). The subscription service is fake and the email is a phishing attempt.

You receive an email to most likely one of the "generic" emails to your domain name... something like or The email states that your email box is beyond its capacity and that you must purchase additional space in order to continue to receive emails.

You get an email that was sent directly to you or was sent from the Contact Us page on your website and the email states that your domain is going to expire and be terminated within 24 hours unless you pay them money online immediately.

You receive an email that pretends to offer economic relief, tax refunds, stimulus payments or anything similar. Then it tells you to click on an attachment to claim the funds or submit your eligibility notice. IT IS A VIRUS!

You receive an email claiming that an "artist" or "illustrator" has noticed a copyright infringement on your website and they want you to click on a link.

A company sends you a letter in the mail informing you that your domain is getting ready to expire. It looks like an invoice... but it is really just a solicitation.

IDNS Domain Solicitation SCAM