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When you send an email to other individuals, occasionally you will see that email get “bounced back”. There are many different types of bounced back emails.

Some are “failed deliveries” (due to SPAM reasons or invalid email addresses) and some are simply “delayed deliveries” (an email is bounced and then automatically tried again at a later date by the email provider). is NOT A SPAM COMPANY and does not tolerate clients who send unsolicited SPAM or bulk emails.

Sometimes email providers “blacklist” each other temporarily (this can happen for a variety of reasons) and there is not much that can do to “force” an email through. All we can do is suggest that you

1) Ensure that your email does not contain any SPAM related content
2) If it does not contain any SPAM related content, simply attempt to send your email again 24 hours later and we may be removed from the blacklist.

YAHOO email address are the biggest culprit with regards to bounceback emails from email servers. We have gone to great lengths to try and contact Yahoo and inform them of our issue and request that we be placed on their “whitelist” permanently… however, Yahoo Support is VERY difficult to reach and rarely will they resolve an issue.

If you have an email that is being bounced back from a Yahoo destination, here is something that you can try…

1) Have the Yahoo person add you to his “Approved Sender Filter”.
Click Here for Details.

If you continue to have problems, please forward the bounceback message to us so that we can review it and determine what the problem is. You can forward the bounceback message to